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Peter C K Smith, LCH RSHom
Registered Homeopath
The Barn, Grenna Lane
Perranwell Station, Truro TR3 7LN
Cornwall   UK   01872 870801
Email: pcksmith@talktalk.net
Skype: PeterCKSmith

I have been in practice as a therapist since 1982/3. Whilst training as a homeopath, I also began learning the first of several Light Touch Therapies. Having originally run a Wholefood Shop in North Cornwall, I learned quite a bit about herbs, vitamins and minerals and the Homeopathic Tissue Salts. I have been a whole-fooder since the early 1970’s.


See What do I do? for more details.

Contacting me:


I welcome all serious and genuine enquiries about your health concerns and happily offer a free 15-minute chat to discuss whether or not it will be helpful for you to come to see me.  


I prefer to chat on the phone rather than type long-winded emails or I can be contacted on Skype: PeterCKSmith

Welcome to my new website!


I hope that you will find it interesting and useful. I shall be adding content to it all the time. If you would like to be kept informed of new content, be sure to email me by clicking here: pcksmith@talktalk.net.


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44 (0)1872 870801


Homeopathy does not claim to ‘cure’ any specific ‘disease’.

Homeopathy’s aim is to restore the body to balance by administering the most ‘similar’ remedy to the patient and triggering the body’s own natural healing abilities.

People have either despaired of what their doctors have to offer, or are fed up with the side-effects of their ‘doctor-drugs’ and want to try something else or they want to use something else alongside their conventional drugs.

We treat people not diseases.


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