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If this is the first time that you have considered using  Homeopathic treatment, then I hope that you will find this explanation useful.  


Homeopathic remedies seem to work by stimulating the body's own healing power, encouraging the body to behave in a more healthy way.


Unlike ordinary medicines, Homeopathic medicines (also known as remedies) do not 'run out' as such after a few days, but continue to exert an influence on the body for a long time (if not permanently!)  


"How quickly will I get better ?"

This will depend on how long it has taken you to get ill, what other medications you are taking, how fit you are, how old you are etc.

In chronic cases, surprisingly fast results can and do occur, but this is usually a pleasant surprise for all those involved.


 What happens after the first consultation ?

Following your first consultation, you will receive either 1,2,3 or sometimes many more pills, depending on what is needed ... but do not be surprised if you receive only 1 or 2.  (As these pills are a stimulus to the body, and the body sometimes only needs a few such 'messages' to understand what it needs to be doing, do not wonder where the rest of the pills are ... there probably will not be any until your next visit !)


Specialised remedies/drops  


Under certain conditions, but only after discussing the matter with you, I may also recommend that I obtain certain other remedies  for you.  These will need to be ordered and their cost will be explained before we decide whether or not to order them  


The directions on how to take these drops are clearly marked on the bottles. Normally, hold them under your tongue for 30 secs, then swallow. Others are to be taken in a little juice, with meals, as directed.


There is no charge for the pills that I prescribe myself; the cost of these is included in the consultation fee.




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Once your Treatment Starts

... what happens  next?


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