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What Do I Do?

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When we meet I will be working towards finding the reason(s) why you are experiencing discomfort, hopefully bringing to light these core issues and then applying some of the many techniques that I have learnt since starting full-time practice in 1984.


Homeopathy is all about matching the person’s symptoms to a remedy or remedies that best has the potential to stimulate their body into returning to balance.


Homeopathy is essentially Energy Medicine and for over 200 years has been way ahead of the medical profession in many ways.


Because the stimulus that a homeopathic medicine supplies to the body cannot be seen by conventional scientists (yet) using the same old Double-Blind Randomised methods they love so much, they are quick to dismiss it as ‘placebo’ or nonsense or even witchcraft or quackery.  

When people thought that the earth was flat, it took a great Quantum Leap for some people to wrap their heads around the idea ... They were known as the Flat-Earthers.  


In many ways, so many of the reductionistic scientists and sceptics are trapped in a similar fashion by their prejudices and their simple inability to embrace the advances of Science ...


The way that this happens is common to all new ‘disruptive technologies’. These are at first ridiculed, then attacked and finally accepted ... Usually when the old ‘dinosaurs’ die!

Similarly, many of us have trouble wrapping our heads around Quantum Physics, but we do not deny that there is more to it than simple atoms and molecules.  Punk Science is a very good introduction to this, by the way!


Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton’s new website is here.

It is understood that, during the process of  their preparation, homeopathic medicines transfer a memory or vibration of the substance into the water and eventually into the alcohol in which they are made. Dr Jacques Benveniste was notoriously attacked and ridiculed when he first demonstrated that water held a memory and his work has subsequently been repeated.


Dr Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Winner, Takes Homeopathy Seriously




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