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Getting Back into Control
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Yes! I KNOW it’s not
an elbow! ... But it made you look!
It is the best picture I had!

I use many different approaches when it comes to helping people to get back into balance or back into control of their bodies.


Bodies are designed to be self-regulating and self-repairing.  The discoverer of Homeopathy, Samuel Hahnneman, called this ‘intelligence’ the Vital Force.


This process of constant re-balancing is known as homeostasis.  If we are too hot,  we cool down and vice versa.


Sometimes, however, something can suddenly happen to us that we cannot deal with or adapt to, and this causes us to become upset or unwell. Our body just does not know what to do.  This can trigger acute problems (grief, shock, anxiety, panic attacks etc) or if untreated can develop into more chronic conditions.


The challenge to the homeopath is to uncover enough clues until all of a sudden there is that “Aha!” moment when we understand what is happening and more importantly what will probably help to relieve the condition or the state the person is in.



When I was a student homeopath in my first year, we were encouraged to start to practice case-taking (or interviewing) our family and friends. An 18-year old woman came to see me, complaining of a pain in her elbow that she had had for over 18 months after falling off her motorbike. She had been X-Rayed and scanned and nobody  could find out what was wrong. I asked her “Did you bruise your elbow when you fell onto the road?”  “No!” she said ... “That was the funny thing. I couldn’t understand it!”

I checked with my Teacher and explained the problem and asked if I should give some Arnica to help to bring out the bruising? He agreed. I gave the young lady 3 separate doses of Arnica 30c, 8 hours apart. She rang me the next morning after only taking 2 of the 3 pills and reported that all the pain had gone when she woke up ... and her elbow had turned black and blue!!!


Placebo ?  I don’t think so! If it is one, then the NHS should be giving it after every Road Traffic Accident!   One of these days .....