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Dealing With
The Difficult Stuff

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Dealing with the Difficult Stuff


Many of us have had painful experiences during our lives, some of which we never get over. Some are so painful that we do not even want to talk about them at first ... if ever again.


Your homeopath does not actually need to know every detail of what events have happened. What is important for us to know is how you feel about it?


I will often say to people :


         “Imagine there is a big cardboard box in front of you.  

          Put all the ‘stuff ‘ in the box and then seal it up.

           Now, write, in order of importance, the different emotions that

           are contained in the box.”


This will still give me enough information to be able to help somebody, whether they are suffering from grief, rage, resentment, bitterness or are a victim of rape, sexual abuse or even bullying at school or at the workplace.

Even after all my years in practice, I am still amazed at the changes that homeopathic medicines can make to even people who have difficulty understanding Homeopathy, young and old alike.



Again, as a ‘young’ homeopath, I will always remember the life-changing effects that homeopathic treatment can have on really long-held grief. I was consulted by a very  elderly lady (doubtless no longer with us) whose sweetheart had been killed in World War 1; being very ‘British/Stiff-Upper-Lip’ she had never been able to release her grief. Her reason for coming to see me was eczema. Over the next few weeks and months, she was able to release her feelings - she had the first really good cry ever about him.  She became much more relaxed and happier. And her eczema?  Well, that cleared up , too!


This is just one of many 1,000’s of examples of successful outcomes that have been recorded by homeopaths for generations.

I never cease to be amazed at how strong and brave human beings are, and how long that they can ‘cope’ with (or suppress) their feelings.


For many of us the thought of the problem can be overwhelming ... until we have actually dared to let it go. Then we wonder why did it take us so long? Sorting it out wasn’t that bad, after all.