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This is a term coined to describe the more eclectic approach.


(The word ‘eclectic’ comes from the Greek word 'chooser' used to describe the philosophers known as the Eclectics, who were attached to no definite school or '-ism'.)


The 'practical' homeopath uses whatever established therapeutic approach is appropriate to the case, which may include 'support remedies' such as flower remedies, detoxifying herbal remedies in tincture form, etc.


Where someone has used a lot of ‘Doctor drugs’, these can cause quite a lot of toxicity in the system and, especially in older people, it is important to detoxify the system gently.


To rush in blindly would not be in the patient’s interest.

Always at the forefront of our minds is working the patient towards a state where they are once again able to respond to 'single' remedies (the more classical approach) without too much disruption or struggle.


By encouraging the client to do simple things such as  drinking enough good, clean water and eliminating the obvious foods and drinks which are contributing to their problems, this process can quite quickly raise people’s energy.

A lot of this is plain common sense and has been used by Naturopaths and Herbalists for years.  Some of the things have been carried down in the form of ‘Grandmother’s Secrets’ over generations. My Granny and Grandpa always took a glass of hot water to bed with them!


This approach essentially involves ‘Therapeutics’, using simple foods and herbs as well as homeopathic remedies, to support the body into a more resilient state before using  even stronger homeopathic remedies.



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