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This term is used to describe what, until recently, has been a primarily Franco/German approach to Homeopathy, where combinations have been developed containing many different remedies.  


These have come to be known as 'complex' remedies and are very widely used throughout Europe. As a result, Complex Homeopathy is growing in popularity in the USA and Australia and has been steadily growing in this country.


The complex remedies are 'custom-built' for general problems as well as particular ones, such as for circulatory problems or particular organ-remedies such as the heart or liver.


Purists would say that these remedies represent a ‘blunderbuss’ approach. Not truly specific enough, there is a hope that perhaps they will hit the target and work for the majority of people. (This is the approach that the pharmaceutical companies have adopted ... and it requires less skill to prescribe accurately.)  


However, in defence of complex homeopathic remedies, my experience is that they offer a very useful extra 'tool' in the homeopath's toolbox, offering the ability for specific detoxification of organs, and repair following chemical or medical damage.


When all is said and done, it’s a matter of what is appropriate and relevant to each particular person ... the basis of homeopathy, after all.


Find out more at: http://www.wholisticresearch.com/info/artshow.php3?artid=124

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Different Approaches - Complex Homeopathy

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