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People of All Ages!


Pre-pregnancy / Fertility














The Elderly


As a Homeopath I treat people at all stages in their life, (whatever condition they present with) rather than treating diseases.  


This is crucial to understanding Homeopathy.


See Why do they come?

Word of Mouth


The majority of people who visit homeopaths have either been raised using homeopathy or are referred by satisfied friends.



REALLY IMPORTANT We homeopaths don’t want you to ‘believe’ in Homeopathy ... really!   We want you to be able to say: “It worked for me; I don’t quite understand it ... but I know it works! I have experience that it works!”

It’s Science and Medicine that constantly says: “We used to believe, but NOW we know!” 5 years later it is: “We used to believe, but NOW we know!” Homeopathy, on the other hand, is doing what it has done for 200 years ... Same scientific approach, same empirical approach ... Prepare the remedies this way, test them on humans, ‘prove’ what they are good for and ONLY give them to people whose symptoms match those of the remedies!” It can’t get easier than that!

28,112 people recently signed a petition saying “It worked for me!”  Click HERE to learn more.

Of course, this is NOT to say that Homeopathy can do it all !
There is room for all, room for choice ...

Who comes to see a Homeopath?

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