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Always keep remedies in a cool, dry, dark place, away from all these smelly substances mentioned above.



Use a clean, dry teaspoon to get your remedy out of the bag. Never tip all the remedies into your hand; however, you may tip the one that you are about to take into your hand and then pop it under your tongue, where it will dissolve quite quickly.  NEVER handle someone else's remedy.

Do not eat, drink or smoke for 20 minutes BEFORE you take a remedy nor for 20 minutes AFTER doing so, including brushing your teeth. You may, however have a drink of plain water shortly before you take a remedy.



Please use a homeopathy-friendly toothpaste (which will be peppermint and spearmint-free).  Kingfisher Fennel toothpaste, Tom's Fennel toothpaste or Weleda Calendula Toothpastes are fine. (Read the label!)  


I am NOT a fan of FLUORIDE!  It’s one of those rotten chemical scams.

For more info visit this site:  FLUORIDE.



Your local Health Food shop will help suggest alternatives to Tea and Coffee. Rooibos Tea (now advertised as Tick Tock Tea) is a good tea substitute.  Caro Extra is one of many coffee substitutes; Bambu, Caro and Barleycup if you prefer a milder drink. Dandelion Coffee or Herb Teas will also do, but make sure they are peppermint-free.


You don't HAVE to avoid tea, but to be honest you will have more energy, be less twitchy/wired if you avoid caffeine altogether... and arguably be able to recover and heal more effectively if you are not so 'stressed'.



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Caffeine does NOT give you energy ... It triggers your liver to release stored energy, which is why you get a ‘rush’ ... and then a ‘crash’ ... and start looking for another cuppa.


If you really want a cup of tea, this is how to decaffeinate it:

Pour 1/3 mug of just-boiled water onto your tea bag; let it infuse for about 1 minute; pour the tea down the sink (with most of the caffeine and a lot of the acid tannins); pour fresh, just-boiled water onto the teabag and soak it until it is strong enough.


Or buy Luaka Water-Decaffeinated Ceylon Tea.


See WATER in Useful Documents.

More Do’s and Don’ts


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