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Childhood ailments such as earache, chickenpox, German measles, measles, whooping cough, mumps etc will often respond very well, and surprisingly quickly, if homoeopathic help is sought early enough.  


I usually supply parents whose young children are my patients with a basic First Aid Kit at no charge.


Download the First Aid Kit information Sheet


Pregnancy is another area where a first aid kit can be useful.



I find that, until you have a clear understanding of the remedies and how they work, how often to give or take them, and most importantly when it is APPROPRIATE to take them, it is best to give me a call so that we can, between us, sort out the correct action to be taken.


It can be tempting to start prescribing remedies willy-nilly to all and sundry, perhaps on the sole basis that a particular remedy helped your problem in the past.  


'Your' remedy may not necessarily be what someone else requires.  




The basis of Homeopathy is:   







First Aid & Emergencies

In Childhood

This page - in particular the First Aid kit information sheet - is here for the benefit of my existing clients and not as a source of information for people to treat themselves.

I will have educated my clients as to how to use the remedies and when.

If you decide to use the remedies yourself, without my advice, it is your responsibility for doing so.

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