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I approach people as the complex beings that they are rather than seeing a mixture of symptoms that need to be 'disappeared'


I am interested in and look at all 'levels' of a person:




I work to discover where the 'focus' of my client's 'dis-ease' lies and - whether it is grief, for instance that is triggering food allergies or IBS or stress etc - address the cause of their problems rather than trying to eliminate their symptoms and forget what is causing their symptoms.


What do I mean by 'Spiritual' problems?


If someone is suicidal, I would consider them to be ‘out of balance’ at their very core, where everything else pales into insignificance.  It does not matter what else is wrong with them, this would be the focus of my attentions.


What do I mean by 'Mental' problems? Essentially whenever we have not adjusted to the changes and problems that Life brings to us ... Stress, anxiety, grief, bereavement, financial disaster, marital problems, bullying, abuse ... The list is a long one one.    


See Why do they come?

Every little quirk helps me towards my goal of finding the correct remedy or remedies for my client. Fears, phobias, anxieties, delusions, "hearing voices" ... all these states have been relieved by homeopaths over the centuries.  


We have a marvellous and vast collection of symptoms that have been recorded as having been helped by such-and-such a remedy ... this is to be found in our Repertories.


All the symptoms of each remedy have been separated out and stored in our Materia Medica.


Homeopaths have worked tirelessly for over 200 years to expand our knowledge  and even to this day new remedies are being developed and  'proved', so homeopathy continues to grow and to develop strategies for dealing with clients affcetde by the toxicity of the modern world.  It is a living medicine.

How do I approach a case?

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