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I began my training at the SW branch of the College of Homeopathy from 1981 - 1984.  


I received a Classical Training and fortunately I was also taught a more rounded and 'Practical' approach.


I am Registered and insured with The Society of Homeopaths, the UK’s largest body registering homeopaths, and abide by their Code of Ethics.


Besides Homeopathy I have also trained in various


LIGHT TOUCH THERAPIES but now use solely  


GENTLE MUSCLE RELEASE - also known as Hyperton-X


FLOWER REMEDIES - Bach and Australian Bush Essences


EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE is now firmly established as an invaluable part of my skill-set.


JIN SHIN JYUTSU ® is part of my ongoing personal and professional development and my training will continue for many years to come. Homeopathy apart, it is without doubt the most profoundly gentle yet powerful technique that I have encountered in my 30 years in Natural Medicine.  

My Training and Qualifications

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