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Homeopathy treats each person as the individual that they are.


For instance, if migraines are a problem, Homeopathy does not have ‘Migraine Pills’, because, unlike Aspirin or Paracetamol, which works at suppressing most peoples’ headaches, it is the job of the homeopath to find out what particular sort of pains you suffer with and what other particular symptoms make your migraine different to everyone else’s migraines ... because I am sure you would find that if you spoke to 20 different people everyone would have different symptoms ... And every one of them would probably need a different remedy to sort them out once and for all!


You could say it more simply:


Particular remedies are given to particular people with particular problems ... One ‘size’ does not fit all!


Getting to know about you and your Medical History is important because, for instance, you might say :  ‘I have Never Been Well Since’ that accident or bereavement or vaccination or since moving to your new house, for example. Many different things can knock us out of balance ...  Too many pollens, for example!


It is also important to know what, if any, Doctor medications you are currently taking.


The health of your Parents, Grand-Parents and Brothers and Sisters is also important to us.


We will need to explore as much as we can about you as possible: what food you like and hate, what weather you like or hate, what is your sleep like ... And LOADS of other questions that help us in our quest to find:


A Thorough Case-Taking

and Medical History:

Getting to Know You ... PROPERLY

What happens when we meet?



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